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The Importance of Direct Dyes in the Paper Industry

Known for being one of the most popular types of dyes, Direct dye belongs to a specific type of dyestuff that can be directly applied to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. With the help of direct dyes, you can create complete shapes on cotton or linen without mordanting. Direct dyes can also be useful on rayon, silk, and wool.

Leather: An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & Timeless Material

From learning how to use leather hides to protect ourselves from nature’s harshest weather conditions to fabricating leather products for home, decor, clothing, and accessories, we surely have come a long way. Real leathers have also been used in almost every era, and continue to be used by every culture.

The Leather Market of Brazil

One of the world’s leading leather producers and exporters, Brazil, has showcased its strength as an industry market leader. The country also boasts the largest commercial cattle herd in the world. However, in recent years, the leather market has grown stagnant and is witnessing various issues. One of them is that many businesses are solely...


Through-out the world business had been going through a tough phase in 2019-20 and every business was expecting some kind of positivity for 2020-21. Unexpectedly came CORONA virus outbreak in end of January in China. The total world business scenario completely changed. Eventhough china was the first country to get affectedthe world didn’t take it...