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The Importance of Direct Dyes in the Paper Industry

Known for being one of the most popular types of dyes, Direct dye belongs to a specific type of dyestuff that can be directly applied to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. With the help of direct dyes, you can create complete shapes on cotton or linen without mordanting. Direct dyes can also be useful on rayon, silk, and wool.

The Global Dyes Market is Predicted to Reach $22.39 Billion by 2025

In 2020, the synthetic global dyes market was valued at $16.91 billion. According to a recent report, by 2025, the market is expected to reach $22.39 billion at a CAGR of 5%. Rising demand from different applications industries like plastics, textiles, construction, and paints & coatings is expected to propel the market ahead. In 2021, the global synthetic dye market is anticipated to grow by $18.54 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 9.6%.

The Global Paper Dye Market Expected to Reach $1008.2 million by 2027

Paper dyes are aromatic, ionized, and colored organic aqueous solutions that can be applied to papers. They have color pigments that come from chromophores which can be manufactured or extracted using some basic chemicals. To import a specific color to the paper, a light absorption technique is implemented.

The Significance of Leather Dye in the Leather Industry

Leather dyes breathe life into products with the various color options it presents the modern-day consumer with. They are one of the main components that are responsible for giving leather products a distinct and vibrant look. From the deep glossy look on jackets, the sleek black effect on shoes, to rich hues on handbags, and...

The Leather Market of Brazil

One of the world’s leading leather producers and exporters, Brazil, has showcased its strength as an industry market leader. The country also boasts the largest commercial cattle herd in the world. However, in recent years, the leather market has grown stagnant and is witnessing various issues. One of them is that many businesses are solely...


Through-out the world business had been going through a tough phase in 2019-20 and every business was expecting some kind of positivity for 2020-21. Unexpectedly came CORONA virus outbreak in end of January in China. The total world business scenario completely changed. Eventhough china was the first country to get affectedthe world didn’t take it...

A Historical Walk-Through: How Did Dyes Originate?

The history of humankind and dyes has been a long one. We have been fascinated with colors for a range of social, religious, as well as aesthetic reasons. Today, dyes on textiles are widely in use in a variety of different businesses. Dyes have also been embraced by many industries to reduce overhead costs and...

8 Types of Dyes Used on Different Materials

Dyeing is an art that has been practiced for a long time. The procedure of dying dates back to the Bronze age in Europe. Rubbing crushed pigments from plants, onto the fabric was the earliest method of dyeing. The techniques evolved with time and the usage of natural dyes from plants emerged. This enhanced the...

4 Key Factors to Know Before Selecting Dyes for Your Business

Deciding to dye products for your business is a step in the right direction, but selecting the right dye to suit your business requirements is a new process altogether. If you are planning to revamp your brand and give it a new look with dyes then this article is for you. It will provide you...