4 Key Factors to Know Before Selecting Dyes for Your Business

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Posted by: Dr. R.M February 4, 2021 No Comments

Deciding to dye products for your business is a step in the right direction, but selecting the right dye to suit your business requirements is a new process altogether. If you are planning to revamp your brand and give it a new look with dyes then this article is for you. It will provide you with four key factors that you should take into consideration before selecting dyes.

Factor 1: Decide Your Budget

You need to have a clear understanding of how much you are willing to spend before selecting dyes for your business. Start with having a list of items that need to be dyed. For example, if you are in the restaurant industry, do you wish to give a new look to all your table cloths or do you want to match the dye of the table napkins to that of the pillowcases?  Once you have the list, you will know how much budget needs to be allocated for each product.

Factor 2: Know Your Product Specifications

To get the most out of your investment in dyes, you need to choose the most effective one for the product that needs to be colored. For instance, if you are in the plastic industry, you need to select a dye that will meet the performance, color vibrancy, and process stability of the plastic product. If you are in the textile business, certain types of dyes are designed to work better with specific types of textiles. For example, some dyes work better with cotton whereas certain dyes are best suited for nylon.

Factor 3: Choose the Right Brand

Half the success of your dyeing project depends upon choosing the best dye brand. Below are some guidelines that will help you make the right decision.

Look for Quality: When shopping for dyes, opting for the lowest price dye might not always be the best bet. Choosing a brand that gives the right balance of quality accompanied with a reasonable price is the way to go.

Look for Longevity: Know how long the brand has been in the dye industry. Not only does the longevity of a brand speak for the experience but it also highlights quality and work ethic. How else could a brand survive in the industry if it weren’t for their professionalism and hard work?

Look for Excellent Customer Service: A telltale of a good brand is the excellent customer service they offer. Brands that have a “customer first” approach have the best interest for your business. A good way to know if the brand provides good customer service is to do some online research on what others are saying about the brand.

Look for Quality Control: Ensure that the brand you choose exercises quality control. It is wise to opt for a brand that has a team of qualified technicians to ensure their dyes undergo stringent quality checks and are tested on products beforehand. 

Factor 4: Environmental Effect

In current times, dye wastewater has become one of the substantial sources of pollution issues. Selecting the wrong type of dye could seriously impact the ecosystem. The presence of harmful impurities in the dyes can easily leach into the wastewater. This, in turn, could seriously affect the quality and transparency of water bodies such as rivers, lakes and damage the aquatic environment.

Compliance with international environmental regulations and inculcating social responsibility practices to reduce water pollution should be a priority for every business. Furthermore, choosing eco-friendly dyes will significantly reduce the negative impacts on the environment. 

In conclusion, dyeing is a great way to give your business an exuberant makeover. If you’re planning to do so, keep these four important factors before choosing the appropriate dyes to color your leather, paper, plastic, cotton, polyamide, wood, ink, and coating substrates.

Author: Dr. R.M
Vice President, R&D of a large multinational company in the field of writing inks