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Alps' Custom Research Service
Custom Research – Your molecule, our chemistry

Alps has a excellent track record of developing custom dyes for various applications. Our team of scientists can decode your requirement into a product of your choice. All confidential, of course

Alps' Customised Testing Service
Customised Testing

Each colour is unique. Which is why our ‘standard’ test methods are actually your test methods. We replicate your methodology and substrate, which is why our results are always close to yours, saving precious time and costs on re-testing.


Alps Chemicals is a manufacturer of colourants that produce stunning effects on several substrates such as leather, paper, cotton, polyamide, wood, inks, coatings. Our manufacturing sites, certified for ISO 9001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2006, are both located in Ahmedabad, India, from where they bring a tinge of colour to customers on six continents.

We make these products with the purpose of bringing joy and delight into the lives of the people from the everyday things that they see, feel and touch.

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